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New from Max Vos

A Memory Bundle

A bundle containing all of the Memories books. Don't miss a moment of the Sutton family's antics. 

A Spring Break Memory

When Coach Adam Sutton is suddenly accused of being inappropriate with some of his students, Matriarch, Maggie Sutton calls on some old friends to help save the day. Meanwhile, J.J. is having self-doubts on his ability to be a good father. Will he ever be able to let go of the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future?

While things heat up in the Atlanta suburb, Adam, J.J., Thad, and Jason decide to take a relaxing Caribbean cruise. Although spending Spring Break together is great, it doesn’t come without its challenges.

Meanwhile, Maggie’s old friends throw themselves into the mix, keeping everyone entertained, if not on their heels. Let the fun begin…

Going Home

Genre: Gay Contemporary Romance/Taboo


Journalist Carter Roberts was required to interview Carl Foltz and Matt Evans for an article on their lives. It was not an assignment he relished: he just wanted to get there, get it done and get out. Thinking about the subject matter made his stomach churn.

The interview reveals as much about himself as about the two men, and for the first time, Carter learns what a real home feels like. He never would have expected that meeting the two men would change his way of thinking – and his life – forever.

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Coming Soon

My Hero: The Olympian

The highly anticipated sequel to My Hero

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